Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

The Union Theater

Presented at the Union Theater, Lincoln’s Eyes is a fully-automated theatrical special effects spectacular presenting the personal and political dramas and key issues of Lincoln’s presidency, especially slavery. The story is told by an artist, commissioned to create the painting of Lincoln for the front of the Union Theater.

Union Theatre at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
Early concept art of the Union Theater.


Lincoln's Eyes

A state-of-the-art system of layered digital projection screens, theatrical spectacle and special effects in the audience seating area immerse the audience in the experience. Throughout the presentation, the theater sets change automatically as backdrops, sets, and projection screens fly in and out in front and on both sides of the audience. The Host, the artist, is himself a fascinating special effects projection.


  1. The Journey, Part I – The Pre-Presidential Years
  2. The Journey, Part II – The White House
  3. Ghosts of the Library - Holavision® Theater
  4. The Union Theater

Other Experiences:

  1. Treasures Gallery
  2. Ask Mr. Lincoln
  3. Mrs. Lincoln’s Attic
  4. Illinois Gallery
  5. The Gateway
  6. Restaurant
  7. Gift Shop

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